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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our services. For your convenience, we have posted answers to the most common questions posed by referring providers. If you need more information, please
call us at 410-415-5905.


How long after I refer a patient must my patient wait to be seen in physical therapy?

In most cases, we can accommodate patients within 1-2 days of calling. In emergency cases, we will make every effort to see the patient that same day. Unfortunately, some insurance companies don’t allow this timely scheduling secondary to pre-certification and verification requirements. Please call us with any questions.

How do I refer a patient to physical therapy?

You may provide your patient with  a referral or prescription that includes their diagnosis and the phrase “evaluate and treat for physical therapy”.  For your convenience, we also provide KPT referral pads that include our facility's contact information and a checklist of the services we offer. You can print one off at the top of this page, or you can call our office at 410-415-5905 or send an email to info@kptrehab.com requesting to have a pad of them mailed to you. 

What other information would be helpful to include on the prescription?

Other than a clinical diagnosis (if known), you may choose to include at your discretion:

  • Weight bearing restrictions for post-surgical and post-fracture patients

  • Fracture status

  • ROM restrictions for post-surgical patients

  • Degrees of resistance allowed for post-surgical patient (e.g.: active, passive or resisted)

  • Expected limits in ROM if any, for a final outcome on a post-surgical patient

  • Type of surgical procedure and/or type of internal fixation used

  • Specific requests for splints or braces.

Do you need operative, MRI, or X-ray reports?

As physical therapists, we work very closely with your patients to allow gradual stress on a surgical site. Operative reports, X-rays and/or MRI reports are always helpful, but are not absolutely necessary. Any vital information can be written directly on the referral as outlined in the previous question.

How do I know what frequency and duration to refer my patient for?

Initially, most patients come to physical therapy two or three times a week. The therapist may suggest decreasing the frequency as the patient progresses. You do not need to suggest a treatment frequency before sending the patient to physical therapy. The therapist will communicate their recommendations in regards to frequency and duration following the patient's evaluation. 

How will I know how my patient is progressing?

The therapist will fax a written report of your patient's evaluation within two days of its completion. This report will include clinical history, objective findings, recommended treatment modalities, and recommended frequency.

The patient will be formally re-evaluated periodically, after which the therapist will send a report updating you on their progress. Typically, these re-evaluations are completed approximately every four weeks. The therapist will also prepare and send a progress report prior to any follow-up visits the patient has scheduled with you. If you would like more frequent updates or wish to speak with your patient's primary therapist, please call our office.

We strive to update you on your patient's progress in a timely and consistent manner. If we are aware of the patient’s follow up date with you, we will note it on the fax cover sheet for your convenience.

How do I know what kind of treatment I should suggest?

You are not obligated to request specific modalities for your patient, although you are welcome to if you wish. You can explain to your patient that the physical therapist will develop a treatment plan during the evaluation, which will then be relayed to the physician for review.

The therapist will explain all aspects of treatment to the patient, and will send you a report outlining their findings as well as the patient's plan of care. As their provider, you are encouraged to communicate any comments, suggestions, or changes you deem appropriate.

As always, any specific requests you make will be incorporated into the patient’s program wherever appropriate. If for any reason the therapist does not agree with a modality you suggest, they will discuss their concerns with you.

How early after a diagnosis is made should I send a patient for physical therapy?

The patient should be seen as early as clinically possible. The earlier the patient begins treatment, the better their prognosis. The therapist will modify the treatment according to the stage of the injury and the patient's symptoms, therefore it is rarely too soon to begin physical therapy. If you wish to discuss a particular patient's case with a therapist prior to referring them, please feel free to call our office at 410-415-5905.